We Can Install Your Ducted Vacuum System in Melbourne

Vacuuming is on everyone’s list of least favourite household chores. Emptying the bag and having to clean up spilled dust, having to go over the same patch several times, having to disconnect and reconnect in each room – it can all get a bit frustrating. Even if you’ve got a cleaner, it can be a hassle – inefficient systems can take up more of their time, costing you extra in the long run.
Are you tired of fiddling and fussing with your small consumer-level vacuum cleaner? Looking for a fast and effective way to clean your home? For individuals looking to build a new home, they simply cannot overlook the benefits of ducted vacuum systems. Melbourne residents have been relying on the team here at Live Innovations for an affordable and effective way to clean their property and now you can too!

System features and benefits

Installing a ducted vacuum into your new home offers a great range of benefits. One of the biggest benefits of course is a cleaner house. As the filter is placed outside of the living area, in the garage for example, no particles are blown back into the air. This varies greatly from traditional portable vacuums that blow back dust and debris back into the air and can affect allergy sufferers. Many systems are also designed so that they can also deal with sucking up a certain amount of water. This means you can vacuum areas affected by spills or leaks without having to wait for them to dry – meaning you avoid that critical time where bacteria and mould spores proliferate.
As the filter is placed outside, you also get to enjoy a thorough clean without the extreme noise. With no motor to pull around the home, cleaning becomes easier and faster. If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce the volume of garbage your household puts out, this may be the solution you’re looking for. Energy efficiency and lack of disposable bags means you can get even better results without the same environmental impact.
Many homeowners choose ducted vacuum systems due to their great value for money. While handheld models can often cause problems and require frequent repairs or replacement, a ducted system is built to last and can provide years of good use. Best of all, this cleaning solution will add value to your property if you ever choose to sell. To compare the difference, use a real estate site to search for similar properties in your area, with and without ducted vacuums listed as a feature.

Why choose us to install your system?

Other providers of ducted vacuum systems may only specialise in air conditioning technologies. This means they may not have the product knowledge and expertise to integrate a vacuum into your overall home automation array. They may also be tied to a particular supplier. With Live Innovations, you’re guaranteed a sleek and stylish solution that’s a perfect fit for your property.
If you would like more information on the benefits, cost and installation of a ducted vacuum in Melbourne, please contact us today on 9465 4442.