Home Automation Systems in Melbourne

Home automation isn’t just the stuff of Hollywood movies and the Jetsons. Those impressive click-button solutions you’ve seen on screen are real, and they’re much more accessible (and affordable) than you may think. Just about every task in your day that eats up five minutes here and there can be automated, giving you more downtime and helping you make the most of your property. Hate going around the house to lower all the blinds? Do it in seconds with a remote control. Wish you could save money by switching off the air con when you leave, but still come home to a perfectly cool (or warm) house? Check out our smart phone control apps. Want to get ready for a movie night in seconds? Three screen touches on your home automation unit and your alarm is off, blinds are down, living room lights are low, and media centre is switched on…

Let us make your life easier

Here at Live Innovations, we pride ourselves on helping customers choose the right technology solutions for their lifestyle and needs. Professionals in home automation in Melbourne, Australia, we help homeowners achieve convenience, security and modern living at an affordable price. This is great for those looking to save energy in their property, would like to improve the security or for the elderly looking for a simpler solution to control many elements in the home.
No matter what your reason is for organising an installation, home automation systems offer a great range of benefits. More than just controlling the lights in your property, these systems can be connected to a wide range of devices for your convenience. For those who are looking for improved comfort, home automation can include lighting, blinds and even the pool.
We specialise in custom system installations. With Live Innovations, there’s no such thing as a standard package. Just let us know what you’d like to do effortlessly, and we’ll connect you with the right solution. Our experts are also available for walk-through consultations and quotes, to identify opportunities for improvement and to explain your options on the spot.
Security is one of the main reasons why many customers choose to invest in automation. Whether it is keyless door entry, activating or deactivating an alarm from your smart phone or even viewing live footage from your CCTV cameras, you can rest easy knowing you and your family are protected. Smart, automated security solutions are especially handy for large homes where family, guests and help are always coming and going. It can also provide peace of mind and safety for single-occupant dwellings.

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With so many benefits when it comes to home automation in Australia, as well as the ease of use it offers to users, there is no reason not to buy. Here at Live Innovations, we offer fast and stress free installation solutions that guarantee comfort and security for your premises. To find out more about any of the solutions you see on our website, please call 9465 4442.