Smart Wiring

Smart Wiring or otherwise known as home automation has been around for many years and has often carried the stereotype of being suited to high-end homes or to carry an expensive price tag. Once seen as an over glorified lighting system, home automation or as we like to call it “Systems Integration” has now been transformed into a powerful management system which seamlessly integrates Lighting, Appliances/Equipment, Heating/Cooling, Security and Entertainment all at the touch of a button. Not all smart wiring is the same and not all systems will integrate with each other. We have a showroom demonstrating the features of a complete automation package, so call us to find out more.

Energy Management

  • Control lighting and appliances with motion sensors, internal time clocks which turn on and off at scheduled intervals.
  • Master on/off toggle switching for homes and business so that when the security system is set, all lighting is turned off and only security lighting is kept on.
  • Installation of energy monitoring hardware and software to show usage and identify unnecessary consumption.
  • Manage heating and cooling and set parameters to achieve optimal efficiency.

Security Integration

  • Watch live cctv footage from anywhere in the world on your smart phone or tablet.
  • Set scenes where both security lighting and alarm system are activated from your phone.
  • Receive alerts when your alarm is activated and de-activated.
  • Report staff entry/exit times
  • Have master control over your business and home.
  • Incorporate swipe card access control to enter and exit within set times and limit access to unauthorized personnel.


  • Control Av equipment within your home or workplace.
  • Stream any form of media content across various viewing platforms, ie projectors, televisions, monitors etc..
  • Access HD content from anywhere via your smart phone.
  • Set scenes in your home or business where at the touch of a button, you can have multiple commands performing at once. For example:

“Welcome greeting” could switch on hallway lighting and also activate music and heating/cooling whilst de-activating the alarm system.

“Play movie” scene would drop the projector screen down, dim the lights, play a movie, and turn on surround sound.

“Dinner party” scene could switch on soft lighting, play music, activate water features and outside lighting etc…